10 Klaviyo workflows you should be using

| By Kelly Vaughn

10 Klaviyo workflows you should be using

From influencer marketing to chatbots to AI, how businesses communicate with their customers has changed a lot in even just the last few years. Despite all these developments, you just can’t beat good ol’ email marketing. After all, did you know that 99% of consumers check their emails every single day? 

So we know that email is important, but it’s also very time consuming to put together campaigns, target them, schedule them… and that’s where automated flows come in! Today we’re looking at 10 flows on Klaviyo you can implement that’ll save you time and start bringing in extra revenue. 

1. Welcome series

One of the most basic and essential workflows your brand needs is pretty simple - saying hello to new subscribers! Send a series of 3-5 emails introducing your brand, products, and build social proof. 

2. Abandoned cart

40% of abandoned cart emails are opened, meaning you’ve got a great opportunity to capture those potential customers. Remind them about their cart a couple times and consider offering a discount to seal the deal at a later time. If you offer subscriptions through an app such as ReCharge, the checkout flow is different so you'll want to ensure you set up an additional abandoned cart strategy for that checkout touch point.

3. Browse abandonment

Similar to abandoned cart, these are customers who viewed a product but didn't necessarily add to their cart. Capturing data for browse abandonment requires a little extra work on your end, but it's not too difficult. These customers aren't necessarily interested in purchasing, so treat this as a lighter touch point compared to your abandoned cart flow. Use these emails to demonstrate the value and features of the products they were viewing, and suggest similar or best-selling products. 

4. Customer winback

A critical part of customer lifecycle marketing, the customer winback flow should absolutely be configured. The trigger and filter here are a customer who placed an order and then has not placed an order since starting this flow. Base the time frame around when your own customer lifecycle is, whether customers tend to come back every 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, or beyond. This is a great time to offer a discount.

5. New customer thank you

It’s always great when a new customer places their first order, so make sure you let them know you appreciate it! Send a personalized thank-you to customers along with some follow up emails hoping they enjoy their purchase, and suggesting products similar or complementary to their purchase. You can also set up a similar flow for starting a subscription for the first time.

6. Repeat customer thank you

Make your repeat customers feel special by sending them a more specialized email, acknowledging that they've come back to purchase a second time. Whether it's because they're subscribed to a product or they manually came back and purchased something new, they deserve the love.

7. Product review/cross-sell

This touch point is great for customers who have placed an order but not yet left a review. You can connect your reviews app to Klaviyo as long as an integration exists (a quick Google search usually tells you if one exists or not). Ask them to review what they just purchased and show off some complementary products they may like based on their purchase.

8. Back in stock

If you work with items that you regularly have to restock, this flow is an absolute must. Let customers sign up for restock notifications when an item goes back in stock. It also helps to build out your email list. This one will require a bit of coding, but Klaviyo has you covered.

9. Sunset unengaged subscribers

You're paying per subscriber on your mailing list, so it's smart to regularly clean up your email list and make sure those who are receiving emails are actually wanting to receive them. Doing this will not only potentially re-engage old customers/subscribers but also help reduce monthly costs for using Klaviyo.

A general rule of thumb is you'll want to create a segment for customers who have been subscribed for more than 90 days and haven't open or clicked on an email in the past 90 days. But make sure you're also ensuring they've opened any email. They should've engaged at least once at some point.

10. First purchase anniversary

Send out an email 365 days after their first purchase celebrating this momentous occasion! Okay, so it's more momentous for you than it is for them, but it's a good way to check in with your customers and re-engage them. Consider offering a discount code to celebrate.

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