Demystifying Migrations: Why we wrote an ebook about migrating to Shopify Plus

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Demystifying Migrations: Why we wrote an ebook about migrating to Shopify Plus

Replatforming should be stress-free and straightforward, so that you can take advantage of your new platform and get back to what matters - growing your business.

However when it comes to migrations, merchants can often be a bit hesitant. Maybe they’ve invested a lot of money into their existing platform, they’re worried about the time it’ll take, or perhaps they’re just not sure how the process actually works. Whilst understandable, migrating to a powerful platform like Shopify Plus could be the next big step in a merchant’s journey to success. 

That’s why we wrote “Demystifying Migrations” - an ebook that gives merchants the knowledge they need to migrate to Shopify Plus with confidence. 

How migrating to Shopify Plus helps merchants take their business to the next level

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Shopify Plus. It’s a powerful, scalable platform that’s designed to give merchants the flexibility and adaptability to create a customer experience truly unique to their brand. Migrating can transform your ecommerce business, and realize some of the goals you may have had that were previously unattainable on your previous platform.

However we reckon it’s better to show rather than tell so let’s look at some of the big names in online retail who migrated to and make use of Shopify Plus.


Gymshark is one of the fastest growing brands in fitness apparel, and to keep that momentum going they decided to migrate to Shopify Plus. The lengthy development time on Magento meant that by the time they finished their new site, they’d already outgrown its capabilities. They also struggled with platform limitations causing their site to go down during Black Friday, costing them sales and customers. Shopify Plus provided them with a reliable, scalable platform that can adapt as their business continues to grow, allowing them to turn their attention instead to new products and delivering the experience their customers deserve without worrying about costly and slow development. 


A disruptive brand like Ooni with a great product needs a platform that will allow them to adapt quickly and deliver a fast, reliable experience. Ooni makes the most of Shopify Plus’ powerful automation tools to reduce time spent on manual tasks, and focus instead on growth and productivity. They make use of three of Shopify Plus’ exclusive features; Flow helps them automate tasks, Scripts allows them to customize their checkout experience, and Launchpad ensures smooth sailing during Black Friday sales. Through migrating to Plus and utilizing these tools, they saw a 68% increase in conversions through Shopify Payments, and 400% growth in sales within a single year. 


When Allbirds decided to take their shoes to the streets and open brick-and-mortar stores, they turned to Shopify Plus to help facilitate their omnichannel approach to retail. By making use of Shopify POS, they were able to develop a fast, nimble approach to in-person retail that allowed them to checkout thousands of customers at any given time at any location around the world. Additionally by leveraging their data they were able to manage omnichannel sales with smart inventory management, and “buy in store, ship to customer” technology. This technology is used, for example, to facilitate sales when an item a customer wants isn’t in stock at the physical store. The sales associate can process the order on the Shopify POS and the item ships directly to the customer. This creates a totally frictionless experience, removing the need for shipping to the warehouse first then to the store, or for the customer to have to purchase online instead. This helps them to boost in-store conversions and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience.

The Taproom x The Mint Julep Boutique

Let’s round things out with a real-world example from our own portfolio - The Mint Julep Boutique.

Mint Julep Boutique Homepage

When they came to us looking for a solution that would help them easily manage thousands of products, a migration to Shopify Plus was the obvious choice. By replatforming, they’ve been able to take full advantage of Shopify Plus’ powerful tools to help automate processes and smooth out inventory management. 

Mint Julep Boutique Catalog Page

They’re now able to offer a fully realized, tailored customer experience with a variety of apps and automations that will, for example, automatically add free shipping to a VIP order or make product personalization quick and simple.

Mint Julep Boutique Personalization

Take a look at the live site here.


Ready to learn more about migrations? Click here to get your free copy of “Demystifying Migrations”.

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