Get Your Store Ready for Back to School: How to Boost Your SEO with 3 Pro Tips

| By Alexandra Hunter

Get Your Store Ready for Back to School: How to Boost Your SEO with 3 Pro Tips

The second biggest shopping season of the year in the US is here. Not Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Not Christmas. We’re talking Back to School. 

The Back to School season produces more revenue than Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day combined. In the US alone, 29 million households spent over $27B during an 8-week period in 2017. (Read this Shopify Plus article for more info.)

Parents and students are buying new clothes, school supplies, and electronics, plus home décor and lifestyle purchases for a year of planning and activities. And people are shopping online, which means they’re browsing online. Are they finding your products? Your brand?

Everyone wants their share of Google’s estimated 63,000 searches per second. How often does your business appear in the results? It can take  3–6 months to significantly increase your site’s ranking, but there is a way forward. Take these 3 steps today to get a jumpstart on your competitors in just a few weeks. Let’s go.

How to boost your SEO and Google ranking

1. Power up your titles and meta descriptions.
Think of titles and meta descriptions as free advertising on Google—they’re what people see in search results. And you have less than 1 minute2 to grab their attention. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with page, product, and blog titles that are catchy, descriptive, and unique.

 2. Get reviews. Get all the reviews.

On your products, on your store… on everything! Reviews help you build trust with customers and Google, which then improves your rank. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, get reviews on your Google listing, too. 

 3. Keep your site blazing fast.

Make sure your site content—that means images and text—loads in under 3 seconds. For ecommerce sites, 2 seconds is your goal.  

Overwhelmed? Just plain too busy? It’s OK. The Taproom can create a custom SEO strategy to grow your business’ Google presence in time for the shopping season. We’ll help you with the tips mentioned in this article, plus these SEO boosters:

  • keyword research—to make sure you’re ranking for the right things
  • a press release—to give you more web authority
  • a full site audit—to get your site running smoothly for the essential Google thumbs-up

 You tell us your budget, and we'll create a custom strategy for your site. 


[1] ~2 trillion: the estimated number of searches Google handles per year worldwide. That breaks down to 63,000 searches per second1; 3.8 million searches per minute; 228 million searches per hour; 5.5 billion searches per day; and 167 billion searches per month.

[2] Less than 1 minute: the all-in time of an average Google search session from the initial query to the loading of the search engine results page (SERP) and the selection of any results, plus any back button clicks to the SERP and the selection of new results.

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