Turn one-time buyers into loyal customers with the Okendo-Klaviyo integration

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Turn one-time buyers into loyal customers with the Okendo-Klaviyo integration

Target high-intent buyers with abandoned cart flows and reward loyal customers for sharing their experience with you.

The brands that do the best today are the ones that work to build a loyal customer base. Returning buyers not only drive more revenue, but they cost far less to convert than new acquisitions.

Gaining loyal customers is a two-step process: getting customers to buy in the first place and then rewarding returning customers. 

With the Okendo-Klaviyo integration, brands can now do both by creating an abandoned cart flow to recapture distracted buyers, and using the Event Sync feature to engage shoppers post-purchase. 

Using an abandoned cart flow to lure back high-intent buyers

What is an abandoned cart Flow and why do you need one? 

Almost 70% of shoppers leave items in their cart without buying — and they might never come back. But this doesn’t always mean they don’t want to buy from you. Sometimes they just need a gentle reminder and a nudge in the right direction.

One of the most effective brand loyalty strategies to recapture shopper attention is to send a well-timed email that lands directly in the customer’s inbox. 

This is where you can forge a relationship with them and begin to shape how they engage with you. 

In a study by Klaviyo, abandoned cart emails generated a 41.18% open rate and a 9.5% click-through rate resulting in more than $60 million in sales. 

Big numbers, right? 

That’s because the people you are targeting with these emails are at the bottom of the funnel with high buy-intent.  

The magic of an abandoned cart flow in action 

Social proof and validation from previous customers is one of the most important factors in the sales cycle. It instills buyer confidence in shoppers and gives them the reassurance they need to make a purchase. Because of this, it’s an excellent idea to sprinkle some social proof into your abandoned cart emails to increase the chance of conversion

The Okendo-Klaviyo integration brings together the powerful combination of review data and sophisticated email campaigns, allowing merchants to pull data into their campaigns and automate flows.

How the integration works

The process is simple. 

After, say, four hours of a customer leaving without making a purchase, the abandoned cart flow is triggered. It recognizes the products left in a cart and sends a reminder email. Rather than just sending a standard email directing shoppers back to their cart, you can enhance this touchpoint by:

Nimble Activewear has really benefited from using an abandoned cart flow packed full of social proof. After implementing their new flow complete with high-star customer reviews, they experienced a significant increase in open and click-through rates. 

Using the Event Sync feature to increase brand loyalty 

What is the Event Sync feature and why should you use it? 

One-time buyers have the potential to become long-term fans. Once you’ve generated the first sale through a targeted abandoned cart flow, why stop there?

Think about it. Return customers have the potential to wildly grow your revenue. Ignoring this insight could see you losing out on revenue and potential loyal customers.  

The Okendo-Klaviyo Event Sync feature lets you create differentiated customer experiences based on a buyer’s past interactions with your brand. This is usually based on how they’ve rated past products and their experience buying from you. 

Remember that reviews form an integral part of the customer experience, and encouraging buyers to share their experiences shows you’re invested in and care about them. Rewarding them for sharing their experiences takes it one step further, and this is what the Event Sync feature can help you do.  

Create personalized review incentive flows

Using Okendo’s robust customer review software allows merchants to compensate their most loyal customers by increasing the rewards they get for each review submitted. The more reviews a customer leaves, the more rewards they can unlock.  

The feature’s integration with Klaviyo’s powerful email marketing capabilities lets you trigger flows based on a customer’s unique experience. For example, you can send a “thank you” message in response to a stellar review, or you can send a follow-up message to glean additional feedback from someone who didn’t have such a good experience. 

Review incentive flows like this create a more personal and valuable experience for customers, which ultimately leads to increased loyalty. This is how clothing brand Beginning Boutique was able to drive significantly more sales through timely incentives

Turn one-time buyers into loyal customers 

Loyal customers are the bedrock of every successful brand. You can quickly and easily target buy-ready customers through timely abandoned cart flows and secure loyalty with review incentives. 

The powerful capabilities of the Okendo-Klaviyo integration let you turn one-time buyers into loyal customers that keep coming back for more. 

Find out how the Okendo-Klaviyo integration can help you power growth and customer loyalty.


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