Why should you be considering Shopify Plus?

| By Kelly Vaughn

Why should you be considering Shopify Plus?

So, business is booming - congrats! You’ve been selling more and more, hiring team members, developing new products, and your ambition continues to grow. At this stage, your store might be outgrowing the capabilities that its current platform has to offer and you might be looking to step up your ecommerce game to continue growing. That’s where Shopify Plus comes in. You may have heard of it before, after all it’s the engine behind some of the world’s biggest brands; think Kylie Cosmetics, Budweiser, and Gymshark. But what exactly is it, and what can it offer your business?

What is Shopify Plus?

Put simply, Plus is the enterprise level version of Shopify. It’s a powerful, scalable platform for high-growth businesses looking to do more with their ecommerce brand. The ultimate goal of Plus is to scale with you, adapting and developing to suit the needs of your business as operations get more complex. Often at this stage for ecommerce businesses, your team is growing, you’re using more third party apps to help things run smoothly, and you’re looking to do more to develop the customer journey. That’s where Plus can step in and take things to the next level.

Plus starts at around $2,000 per month, and unlocks a number of tools that will assist with automating a lot of the tasks you manually do on a daily basis, along with options for easier connectivity with third party tools. 

What do I get with Plus?

You get a serious amount of bang for your buck when it comes to Plus. From 24/7 Support, special access to exclusive apps, unlimited bandwidth, to multi-channel sales, and beyond. There’s a lot that you can do with Plus. Here are some of our favorite features:

Shopify Flow

This brilliant app lets you create automated workflows based on specific triggers and actions. For example, when an order is placed (trigger), if the order value is over $150, tag the customer as VIP (action). Flow goes beyond Shopify functions as well – a number of apps have built flow connectors so you can send data directly into your other services instead of having to manually send data via webhooks and API calls.

Shopify Scripts

Get access to writing scripts that will trigger certain actions in the checkout. For example, offer discounts to those customers you just tagged with VIP, disable certain discount codes during a sale, reorder your shipping options, hide or show certain payment options based on order contents, etc. You can write line item scripts (affecting the cart value), shipping scripts, or payment scripts.


This nifty feature allows you to schedule changes to your website. For instance, when running a Black Friday sale, you want to change to a different theme advertising the sale and trigger a Shopify Script to automatically discount items. Once the sale is over, automatically switch back to the previous theme and disable that script. No more manual work at midnight, woohoo! 

Access to Checkout.liquid

This is one of our favourite features, and where we see the most immediate gain from upgrading to Plus. From small wins like adding trust signals to your checkout, to big wins like upselling directly in the checkout. The world is your oyster for opportunities for increasing Average Order Value and Conversion Rates. 

And those are just some of the features we love most about Plus. The list goes on, so you may be best clicking here to check out what Shopify have to say themselves.

When is the right time to upgrade to Plus?

Everyone loves a definitive answer, but the real answer is...it depends! There are a number of factors that go into deciding when the best time for your individual business is to upgrade to Shopify Plus. In most cases, it’ll be when it financially makes the most sense for your business. Other times it might be that Plus offers the functions your business now needs in order to continue growing. In any case, the best way to determine if you’re ready to upgrade is to speak to your friendly neighborhood Shopify Expert and take things from there.

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