Shopify Store SEO Audit

Whether you’re brand new to running an online business or you’ve been in the industry for years, you know the most important part of running a business is to get customers to buy your products. How do you attract new customers to your store organically: that is, without paying for ads on Google and social media?

Enter Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of improving your keyword ranking on Google and other search engines with the goal of bringing more visibility to your store and products. Taking the proper steps to optimize your website for Google will help you rank higher on Google and bring in new opportunities for customers to discover your brand.

The goal of this SEO audit is to help you understand where the gaps on your Shopify store currently exist and how to solve them. Let this serve as an actionable guide as you think about your SEO well into the future.

Screenshot of Google search query for "matching pajama sets" with result of Sleepyheads matching pajamas, ranking on the first page of Google

How it works

Our SEO audit takes approximately five days to complete. Once you sign up for the audit, we'll review the following information:

Technical SEO

On-page SEO

We'll also include some general SEO-related website recommendations at the end.

What you'll receive

We'll compile your audit results into a PDF, which will be delivered to you via email at the email address used to sign up for the audit.

Get started

You can purchase the SEO audit by filling out the form below.