Shopify Store Teardown

You're currently running your business on Shopify and things are certainly going fine, but you have this feeling there's probably some room for improvement. You're understandably too busy running the business, which means you don't have time to do a deep dive into your store to see where you can improve. You're also very close to your brand, making it difficult to separate yourself from your store and see opportunities for improvement.

That's where we at The Taproom come in! With over five years of Shopify experience, our founder, Kelly, knows exactly what to look for and areas where your store may fall short from operating at its best. We began offering our Shopify Store Teardown service for this reason – a way for you to quickly get a 5-10 minute review of your store where Kelly walks through the nuances of your store's customer journey and your Shopify admin and provides insight and recommendations for improvement. For only $250, it's an easy investment that pays for itself.

How it works

  1. We'll start with what your customers see – the frontend of your store. In an approximately 5-10 minute screen recording, we'll do a full walkthrough of the customer journey, from homepage to checkout. Your store will be reviewed on both desktop and mobile, as these experiences will often vary. Along the way, we'll point out inefficiencies and suggest better alternatives to your current configuration if there's room for improvement.
  2. Next, we'll will do a deep dive into what you see – your Shopify admin. We'll review which resources you are utilizing, along with opportunities for better utilization. We'll review your analytics and reporting (availability based on your Shopify store's plan). Lastly, we'll take a look at which Shopify apps you have installed and give you a quick run-down of better alternatives or if there are any additional apps we'd recommend to improve your ROI.

What you'll receive

Our founder, Kelly, will record her walkthrough of your store, on both the customer-facing and admin-facing side, providing commentary along the way. These screen recordings generally last approximately 5-10 minutes. Along with this screen recording, you will receive a written document of everything discussed in the video, along with our recommendations for improvements.

The time frame from placing your order to receiving your review is approximately 7 days.

How to get started

Fill out the form below to get a place on our schedule. Once payment has been received, we will send a confirmation email letting you know we're ready to begin, along with next steps.