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Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow was ready to stand out in the world of coffee subscriptions. We worked to develop a custom quiz-flow that would deliver a high-quality, smart experience primed to foster loyalty and delight customers.

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Barista level coffee, next level convenience.

Already offering the ultimate in coffee convenience, Copper Cow Coffee wanted to take their subscriptions to the next level to match their innovative single-use filters. People love coffee, so much so that 83% of Americans drink coffee, and 79% say they brew it at home. Coffee lovers never want to run out of their favorite morning brew; that’s why in the last 12 months there has been a surge in the growth of ecommerce coffee subscriptions. We worked with Copper Cow to create an intuitive, unique quiz-based subscription service powered by Recharge, that prioritizes personalization and gets more coffee in mugs.

A unique, personalized subscription quiz-flow

Copper Cow has developed a great product that maximizes at-home coffee convenience. However their original site has been built with a one-off purchase focus, and although they had a “coffee club” subscription plan, it wasn’t the main focus of the site. Subscriptions are everywhere, and for good reason. People love the convenience and simplicity a subscription gives them for their favorite, everyday use products. One of the biggest categories for ecommerce subscriptions is coffee. With such a high-quality, simple-to-use product, a subscription-first store was the obvious route forward for their fast growing business. This would allow them to take the convenience of their product to a whole new level, and develop a strong, loyal, and engaged customer base. The additional challenge lay in developing a subscription experience that was unique enough to stand out in the competitive coffee subscription market. It couldn’t just be another subscription service, it had to deliver something more. The solution came in the form of an intuitive, custom quiz flow. Personalization is a growing trend in ecommerce, and this translates too into the world of coffee - whether you prefer lattes to espresso, or creamer to black, everyone has their preferences. The custom quiz flow engages customers and provides them with a subscription box that’s uniquely tailored to their individual tastes. Customization and flexibility are important in subscriptions, therefore we also made it easy for them to swap out different flavors, allowing them to try something different or seasonal releases as part of their rolling subscription. Combining Shopify Plus’ powerful platform with a custom ReCharge integration, Copper Cow now has the ability to grow further, make their mark on the world of subscription ecommerce, and get more coffee into their customers’ mugs.

Creating a smart, intuitive experience

​​We needed this build to be quick, dependable, intuitive, and accessible, so we turned to Vue - a modern JavaScript framework. From quiz to cart, the Copper Cow workflow consists of three Vue apps and a dozen components which share data and states through the Shopify Cart API and Vuex - a state management tool for Vue. This allows Shopify and ReCharge to exchange data while maintaining a consistent user interface, giving customers the ability to change their subscription and one-time purchase selections at any time they'd like. For example, customers have the option to take the quiz for flavor suggestions but then decide they'd rather get two boxes of Salted Caramel coffee instead of one Salted Caramel and one Lavender each month. Then, if they decide that they want to try Lavender just once and had better get extra creamer to go with it, they can do that, too. Every time a customer makes one of these choices, they see a simple updated cart total and interface. Behind the scenes, though, our apps are sending data in several different directions to ensure a smooth experience in which the interface responds rapidly and correctly, and selections persist until they're deliberately changed.

Anna Gallo, Lead Developer