Mint Julep Boutique

The Mint Julep Boutique needed a store just as fashionable as their products, while giving their team the ability to manage a constantly rotating catalog with 1,000’s of products. We teamed up to migrate their store over to Shopify Plus, and give them a fresh new look in the process.

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1,000’s of boutique items managed in a snap

Things move fast in the world of fashion, and that’s true too for The Mint Julep Boutique. With a constantly rotating inventory with thousands of products, all with varying launch dates, how do you manage it? Easy - you tailor a solution with the most admired tools and automated processes on Shopify Plus. Product sold out and can’t be re-ordered? Hide this from customers until stock is replenished. VIP customer about to make a purchase? Automatically make their day with free shipping. Product discounts constantly changing? Our scripts will save your team the manual headache. Boutique management made simple.

Stress-free, automated store management

It’s quite common in ecommerce to start with a small catalog and years down the line find yourself with a massive inventory full of historic, regular, and upcoming products. Especially in fashion when you’re constantly developing new styles and keeping up with trends, you’ll soon have a catalog of 1000s of products to manage. When you finally outgrow your current platform and want to make your store management more efficient, it can be daunting to try and move such a massive back catalog of inventory. That’s the situation The Mint Julep Boutique came to us with. Their popular online boutique has a following of dedicated fashion lovers, eager for the newest styles and classic favorites, however in order to grow further they needed more powerful tools and a refreshed look for their store. We worked with their team to migrate their store over to Shopify Plus, opening the door for a range of tools designed to help their business scale. In order to improve efficiency in back-of-house, we implemented a number of automations that would improve how they handle their inventory management. Utilizing scripts and custom development, we also provided them with a number of tools to improve customer experience without any manual effort required.

Fashion forward, results driven.

Using Bold Product Options for customized products

The Mint offers a number of products that can be customized with your monogram. To make this process as simple as possible, we created a popup to let customers select their preferences in an easy-to-use format. The initials will automatically update with your letters in the monogrammed order as you type your initials into the box.