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In the world of commerce, performance is key. That's why Prepdeck came to us to build a headless commerce storefront experience for their premium product. And the results speak for themselves.

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Speed. Delivered.

It's no surprise that customers want a fast online shopping experience. In fact, 64% of smartphone users expect a website to load in four seconds or less, and 47% of online shoppers expect web pages to load in two seconds or less. Enter headless commerce. By partnering with Nacelle, we built a fully custom headless storefront for Prepdeck, boosting both actual speed and perceived speed. And the benefits were immediate. In the first week of launch, Prepdeck's conversion rate increased by 194%. Time is money, and a faster online store experience means higher revenue.

A fast, fully custom headless storefront

Prepdeck’s core concept is simple - bring back the joy of cooking. Everyone loves a fresh, home cooked meal, but it can often come with mess, stress, and chaos. That’s where Prepdeck comes in, with its innovative all-in-one prep tool. Loaded with all the tools and accessories you need to prepare, measure, and store ingredients, Prepdeck makes home cooking a breeze with everything in the right place. With a product that speeds up the cooking process, they needed a storefront to match. Speed is a huge part of the customer experience, with nearly 70% of consumers saying page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer. Our solution was a full custom headless storefront that would deliver the speed that Prepdeck needs to engage customers, and get them to checkout faster.

Lightning fast results

The impact of having such a speedy site build had an immediate effect on Prepdeck’s conversion rate. Within just one week, their new storefront demonstrated the true potential of headless commerce and started bringing in more engagement and sales.

  • 194%

    Increase in Conversions

See the speed in action.

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